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Frozen for a jump into Eternity...

In a bunker, far in the polar desert, the Kryosys Corporation has built the Cryogenia project: a machine able to seal and preserve a life form for many centuries.

The cryogenic engin can freeze an avatar in a cryotank. This cryotank can be after that, copied in the inventory (it's copiable and transferable) to be rezzed later somewhere else. The avatar can be defrost later, if this one is present.
This scene offers an audio and visual event for the participants. This is an ideal scenery to enhance a role playing.

A launcher of 1 to 6 passengers capacity, will allow you to reach the targeted altitude (between 800m to 4000 m) to deploy the CRYOGENIA environment for you and your guests.

No persistent installations.
- The launcher deletes it-self after has rezzed the station.
- The station is programmed to delete it-self after 2 minutes if nobody is present around.
  • Exterior scene of the polar desert.

  • Cryobase (bunker).

  • Cryogenic generator.

  • Audio and visual effects.

  • Copiable & transferable cryotanks.


Movie based on the products.
Zeja PyleCryogenia
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.

This END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT is effective between the creator of the product and its owner once the product has been purchased.
This product is for the personal use of its owner. The owner should be present in-world to rez this product. Once rezzed, this product deletes it-self once all the avatars in its volume have quitted.
Any persistent use of this product is strictly the previlege of its creator. This persistency is not includes in the present products. The owner can't request this previlege.
The usage of this product is not exclusive to the owner.
Any modifications, or use, of the entire or of a part of this product, for another activity or for another product, is reserved to the creator. The owner can't request this previlege.
Primitives: 106
700 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle

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