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French Caravel II - Armed Vessel

Navigate on the seas and rivers of Second Life® with this sail boat of 30 meters long.

Experience a real naval battle with other French Caravel II or any other Sigma System compatible objects.
This ship, equiped of one canon that can send a bullets even in a "no-rez" area, can be destroyed or can destroy another French Caravel II.

Many hours of intense pursuite with your friends...

This boat allows all users to drive.
That means that you can deploy many copies for your friends and let them use those boats. A ship can be stolen as the real pirates does.
(Note: The owner must be present in-game to deploy a functional copy.)
  • Armed Sailboat, destructible and that can destroy.

  • 1 functional Canon (sigma compatible). Usable on every seas.

  • 4 possible crew members. Light in cab.

  • 4 sail colors (white, dark gray, red, ocre) + ripped ones.

  • 5 flag colors, plus white flag and Jolly roger.


French Caravel II - Armed Vessel
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.
Primitives: 28
280 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle
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