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Submarine: Z-Boat

Navigate in the seas and rivers of Second Life® with this war submarine of 30 meters long.

Experience a real naval battle against other Z-Boat or any other Sigma System compatible vehicles.
The commands are allowed to all. This way you can play with many copies with some friends. (Note: The owner must be present in Second Life® to deploy a functional copy.)

With the Sigma system compatibility, this submarine can send torpedo even in a "No-Rez" area. It can destroy other Sigma compatible submarines or vehicles and also be destroyed by them.

Left Arrow => Turn Left
Right Arrow => Turn Right
Up Arrow => Forward
Down Arrow => Backward
PageUp => Surface
PageDown => Dive
Click on it to launch a torpedo.

Many hours of intense pursuite with your friends...
  • War submarine.

  • 1 functional torpedo launcher (sigma compatible). Usable on every seas.

  • Can destroy the others Z-Boat and can be destroyed by them.

  • 4 possible crew members. (1 at the periscope and 3 seats)

  • Diving alert. Red light during diving.


Submarine: Z-Boat
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.
Primitives: 28
200 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle
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