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Stereo Snapshot HUD

Create 3D Stereoscopic picture from Second Life®.

The "STEREO SNAPSHOT HUD" device is designed to lock your camera and move it according the exact offset to take a snapshot from each eyes. From these snapshots, it is very easy to create a 3D anaglyphic picture from Second Life®.

How to used the "STEREO SNAPSHOT HUD":

- Wear it (it will attach on the HUD (Bottom)

- Put the focus of your camera on your avatar. This one will be used to calibrate the distance to the neutral deepness point.

- Click the HUD, on the "Camera" icon to lock the camera. Move or adjust your avatar. (this is needed to make the locked camera's position effective) You will know when your camera will be completely lock when it will stop to follow your avatar.

- Click on the "SWITCH" button to change the view from the other eye. (The "STEREO SNAPSHOT HUD" will calculate it-self the exact offset to be used depending the distance set to the neutral deepness point)

- Do 2 snapshots, one for each eye.

How to do a 3D anaglyphic picture (Red-Cyan):

From 2 snapshots, it will be easy to create a 3D anaglyphic picture.
(that you will be able to see in 3D with some Red-cyan glasses)
It can be done with a software like "Photoshop" or "The Gimp", there is many recipes to do this on the web.

But an easy way is to use the following freeware:

Some Hints for the 3D Stereoscopic pictures:

- In Second Life®, like we have to take 2 snapshots one after the other, you will have to avoid what is dynamic. (animations, wind, water, particles, changing clouds)

- 3D anaglyphic picture can be done in Black an White or in Color. But when you do it in Color, consider that the object that are purely red or cyan will cause some weird flickering in the final result.

- It's easy to invert the right snapshot with the left one, this make something in 3d, but not what you wanted.

Limitation: The "STEREO SNAPSHOT HUD" won't work if the user him-self is sat on an object. The "sit" mode doesn't allow to lock the camera.

  • HUD to lock the camera to the left or right eye.

  • Useful tool to create stereographic picture. 3D anaglyph.


Stereo Snapshot HUD
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.
Primitives: 2
220 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle

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