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Submarine: Sea-Predator

The terror of the deep...

The SEA-PREDATOR is a pirate submarine built to be able to capture most of the physical boats of Second Life®. This strong physical ship of 40 meters, has a special hull designed to immobilize different sizes of boats.
(3 passengers.)

Smooth and confortable to control, the engin uses the keys to change the speeds. The driver can this way chat without stop the power.

The SEA-PREDATOR have an options to generate a fog around it-self, to distract the prey at the approach.

F.Forw.<>Forw.<>Stop<>Backw. = Up<>Down Arrows

Turn Left = Left Arrow

Turn Right = Right Arrow

Dive = PgDn

Surface = PgUp

Click on the Skull to obtain the menu for the following setup:
- Change the lights color.
- Fog On/Off

This submarine allows all users to drive. That means that you can deploy many copies for your friends and let them use those submarines. (Note: The owner must be present in-game to deploy a functional copy.) All what you need to create an armada of terror...
  • Predation submarine for 3 passengers.

  • Able to capture pratically any physical boats.

  • Compass and depth gauge.

  • Modifiable color for the lights. Fog effect.

  • 2 forward speeds, 1 backward. No need to maintain a key pressed.


Submarine: Sea-Predator
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.

!!! CAUTION !!!
This object has not been created with the goal to be used in infraction of the Second Life® rules. All the responsabilities of the consequences of the usage of that product goes to the OWNER of it.
Primitives: 29
490 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle

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