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Oceanic storm generator

Generate a furious sea around your installations.

The "Oceanic Storm Generator" is a system to provide an furious high sea environment around the prim where it has been installed. This kit allows you to equip a boat, or any building, even an attachment, with a script able to deploy a waves, clouds, rain, lightening and thunder.

The "Oceanic Storm Generator" has been designed to works for the owner and for the group members. This system require at least the presence of one member of the group to be deployed.

The prim where the "Oceanic Storm Generator" is installed, will offer a menu to start or stop the storm. The Oceanic Storm effect is automatically stopped once abandonned.

Check the video to see a product that is using a similar storm effect.

Simply drag the script "OCEANIC STORM REZZER SCRIPT" and the object "OCEANIC STORM GENERATOR" into the "Content" tab of a prim that will act as a button to activate the environment. This prim can be part of a boat, any building or be attachment or any other kind of object. The environment will be rezzed at the center of the prim, this means that you may have to adjust the shape of this prim if you want to have it as a button over the waves level.

NOTE: It is not suggested to install it into the root prim. This will have the bad effect to make clickable every part of the linked object.

Splash Effects:
A copyable script "OCEANIC_STORM-SPLASHER SCRIPT" is provided with the kit. This script allows to add some splash effects against the different objects in contact with the force of the waves.
This script is responding to the Start & Stop commands of the "OCEANIC STORM REZZER SCRIPT".

To install these, create some small prims and add the script to these prims.
(A little cube or cylinder is the easiest shape to use, consider that the splash will be ejected from the top.)
Start the storm and ajdust their position while the storm is started.

NOTE: When you will start the storm, this will make the prim become invisible. Use CTRL-ALT-T to be able to see them.
You can delete manually the water to be able to work, otherwise the rain could not help.

  • Stormy sea, with waves.

  • Fog, rain, thunder and lightenings.

  • Splash Effects.

  • Activation - Deactivation switch.

  • For owner and group.


Movie based on the products.
Zeja PyleOceanic storm generator
Like this object is NOT TRANSFERABLE, no refund is possible.

This END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT is effective between the creator of the product and its owner once the product has been purchased.
This product is for the personal use of its owner and his group. A group member should be present in-world to rez this product. Once rezzed, this product deletes it-self once all the avatars in its volume have quitted.
Any persistent use of this product is strictly the previlege of its creator. This persistency is not includes in the present products. The owner and the group can't request this previlege.
The usage of this product is not exclusive to the owner, nor to his group.
Any modifications, or use, of the entire or of a part of this product, for another activity or for another product, is reserved to the creator. The owner or the group can't request this previlege.
Primitives: 18
990 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle

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