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I NEVER - The Game of the Truth

Reveal, by this game, the darkest aspects of your friends...

Obtain the answers to the questions that you would not dare to ask directly...

Will you roll under the table of the revelation?
Pleasure garanteed with this game.

I NEVER... game rules:
Before starting, wear the object "Glass_of _Whisky" that is offered when you sit the first time...

The first player says 'I NEVER...' followed by an event that he or she may or may not have done.

For example:
I NEVER cheated on a test.

If the second player HAS done the event (like cheated on a test), he or she would has to DRINK.
Or in the other case, answer 'I NEVER'.

Players switch roles after each response.

The one who rolls under the table have lost.

Note: The flow of play is fully supported by the script.
  • Virtual drinking game.

  • Learn lot of interesting things about your friends.

  • Dare to reveal your-self.


I NEVER - The Game of the Truth
Primitives: 10
250 L$

Créatrice : Zeja Pyle
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