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Oceanic storm generator
Oceanic Storm - Atlantique-Nord
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Oceanic storm

Run aground on a reef in a furious sea... Feel the elements...

"... The sea was raging, the giant waves swooped down against the remaining of the rusty wreck, now welded to the rock. The wind and the rain lashed the old bay window. Our only source of reassurance, was this wet mattress and the low heat of a candle ... We were lost... "

The OCEANIC STORM is an environment for live the adventure to be lost in the middle of the ocean on an abandonned boat during a storm.
This is an ideal scenery to enhance a role playing.

The launcher of 1 to 9 passengers capacity, will reach your targeted altitude (between 800m to 4000 m) and will deploy the OCEANIC STORM environment for you and your guests.

No persistent installations.
- The launcher deletes it-self after has rezzed the station.
- The station is programmed to delete it-self after 3 minutes if nobody is present around.
  • Rusty wreck, lost in a storm.

  • Stormy sea, with waves.

  • Fog, rain, thunder and lightenings

  • Mattress and candle inside the cab.

  • Energy field transportation launcher.


Movie based on the products.
Zeja PyleOceanic storm
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Primitives: 58
500 L$

Creator: Zeja Pyle

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